Sunday, December 19, 2010

da besday wishes 4 him!!


A special way of being close that two can truly share,

A special touch of tenderness that shows how much you care,

A special way of knowing that someone is always there

A special kind of friendship that is shared by two alone,

A special understanding that has time passed has grown,

A special kind of joy like no one else has ever known,

That’s love…

And today cherishing all those things been above,

On your birthday my love..

Guess what!!!
It’s your birthday today!!
So what I have to say?
Is  happy birthday!!!!!

I hope I can make your dreams come true!
But. Part of me says I already do.
My dreams have come true
That dream is filled with you
Filled with love and happiness
But, mostly you!!!

What can I say
I love you
Knowing you love me to
I try to find the courage to say I love you.
Yet it seems, when I’m near you..

When I’m near you..
I seem to not know what to say.
It’s overwhelming. Knowing that you?re mine
All mine. Not another girl can have you.

You’re the only one I need
When I dream I dream of you
Dreaming someday I’ll be with you
Now that I have you..

All I can dream is?
Dream you will be mine forever.
All I can say is I love you!!!

I love you!!


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