Sunday, December 19, 2010

today is ur day...the person i love..hepy besday!!!


tarikh kelahiran encik boyfie sye...
  taun nie jatuh pd ari ahad...

ari minggu.....

tp setiap taun sentiase begini....

*patutnye mlm nie we r celebrate together*

tetibe rase sedey....taun nie pon same....

harap sgt taun depan kiter dpt same2....
celebrate same2...

dear my encik kesayangan,

Mohd Faiz Sukaimi

My love for you will never cease 
and you’ll always be the one for me. 
**Happy Birthday**
Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!
It’s your day, a special day
For a very special person and dear to me
That has always been the best of gifts
That god has sent to me
Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!
On this day I’ll pray for the best
Of everything and for your wish to come true
For you, and for us till the rest
Of the days to come
Happy birthday!! Happy birthday!!
It’s the day to celebrate not alone but together
You and me may it be forever
All my love I’ll have to offer
On the special day for my lover!
~By Louisa Wen
i LovE u ForEveR
I love the way you make me happy,..

and the ways you show your care...

I love the way you say, 'I Love You,' and the way you're always there....


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